Terms and Policies

The Monticello Mansion Terms and Policies

If you have any questions regarding the following terms and policies please do not hesitate to contact us, we are flexible and will work with you to create the best experience possible.

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Premises Rules:

  • Smoking is 100% prohibited, even outside.
  • Pets are allowed in the American Mustang Studio Apartment and Riders Apartment, as well as the rooms within the riders apartment (Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred Rooms).
    • Can be taken directly from rooms to outside, please do not bring pets into the shared/common areas of the house (i.e. living/dining/recreation rooms etc.).
    • Please keep any pets leashed and ensure they do not cause any damage or harm
    • Please clean up after pets
  • We reserve the right to deny service to anyone who we believe is a potential danger to the property, house, or other guests.


Cancellation policy to be written soon.


Please note that images may not precisely depict actual furniture and decorative arrangements.  Please contact us with any concerns this may bring up.

We are not responsible for any injury, harm, theft, damage, and the like that may be encountered while you are staying with us.

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